Welcome to our restaurant

88 guests can take place in our restaurant.

Warm meals are served daily from 11.30h a.m. to 9.30h p.m.

Additional to our menu that you can see here below, we constantly offer a special menu of seasonal and thematic specialties. Our menu includes a selection of regional and international dishes.

Mistakes and changes can occure. Reference is the restaurants menu.

Original Hungarian goulash soup 4,9
Chili-Cocos-Bananasoup 4,40 €
Soup of the day 3,90
Cream of tomato soup with brandy 5,40 €
Delecious Starters
hommade with feta cheese, toast and garlicbutter
6,80 €
Salad of Spaghetti with smoked salmon
with horseradish and rucola
7,80 €
Baked French bread
with garlic-herbs-sauce or garlic mayonnaise (Aioli)
3,80 €
Stripes of smoked salmon
on crispy hash brown with horseradish-cream
8,50 €
Mixed salads from the buffet klein 4,60 €
groß 7,30 €
Skewer house type
small steaks with cream sauce, vegetables, champignons, bacon, onion and fried potatoes
15,90 €
2 filets of turkey
on mushroom-leek-vegetable with hollandaise sauce, broccoli and potato-croquettes
11,60 €
Special pot Landgasthof type
3 different small steaks with peas and carrots, champignons, fried egg and fired potatoes
15,90 €
All steaks are served with butter of herbs
And you can choose boild potatoe, fried potatoes or french fries
Rumpsteak 180g 18,20 €
Rumpsteak 250g 23,30 €
Rumpsteak 300g 26,80 €
Rumpsteak 180g mediterranean
with tomatoes and mozzarella au gratin, BBQ-sauce, and potatoe twister
19,50 €
Green tagliatelle noodles
with stripes of rumpsteak and green asparagus
19,90 €
Boiled Potatoe
in foil with herbs in quark/curd
2,20 €
Fried potatoes 2,50 €
French fries 2,20 €
Broccoli 2,00 €
Hollandaise 2,30 €
Kohlrabi 1,90 €
Onions 1,70 €
Butter of herbs 1,80 €
Croquettes 2,50 €
Pommes Twister 2,50 €
Boiled potatoes 2,00 €
Pies and carrots 1,90 €
Cauliflower 1,90 €
Pepper & corn 1,90 €
Peppersauce 2,30 €
Fresh champignons 3,50 €
Escalope Viennese type 6,50 €
Escalope gypsy type
with paprika sauce
7,40 €
Escalope with champignon sauce
with fresh champignons
8,90 €
Escalope per Inch
with 3 Supplements at choice; min 10cm; 1cm = 10g
0,80 € / cm
Steak of pork lumberjack style
with butter of herbs, champignons and onions, fried potatoes
15,20 €
Escalope gourmet type
champignons, onions in cream sauce gratinated with cheese, pommes twister
16,30 €
Peppersteak (hot)
Escalope under a herbal crust, different vegetables, French fries and rice
14,70 €
Fried pangasius
with stripes of potatoe-leek-sesame, sauce of white wine
10,10 €
Paella northern type
with stripes of fish, mussles, shrimps, pepper, leek, rice and curry
12,70 €
Fried plaice
with shrimps, butter sauce, boiled potatoes and salad
18,60 €
Filet of plaice in egg
with hollandaise sauce, stewed kohlrabi, broccoli and boiled potatoes
11,40 €
Matjesfillet houswifes type
with housewife’s sauce, fried potatoes and salad
14,80 €
Double your joy - it's for 2
Entrecôte double
Double rumpsteak with sauce hollandaise, champignons, vegetables, croquettes
42,40 €
Mixed Grill
Rumpsteak, steaks of pork and turkey, baked bacon, sauce hollandaise, baked tomate, vegetables and french fries
31,80 €
A little bit of this, a little bit of that
Baked vegetable pan
with herbal quark/curd, cranberrys and salad
14,90 €
fried potatoes, bacon and onions scrambled with egg and pickle
7,70 €
Home made sour meat
cold sour pork meat with fried potatoes – a very typical speciality of northern Germany
12,40 €
Burger Texas
with beefsteak, hot sauce, salad and tomato
8,90 €
Burger Homeland
with medaillons of pork, cocktail sauce, slaw, salad ond onions
9,90 €
steak of spinach, sauce of hot peper and cheese, tomato, onion and salad
8,90 €
Kiddies and seniors
Chicken escalope with peas and carrots and french fries
6,50 €
Spaghetti bolognaise
5,30 €
Miss Piggy
Small escalope viennese type with vegetables and french fries
6,40 €