Welcome to our restaurant

88 guests can take place in our restaurant.

Warm meals are served

Jan - Mar
Mo to Thu 4.00h p.m. to 900h p.m.
Fr to Sun 11.30h a.m. to 9.00h p.m.

Apr - Dec
Mo to Sun 11.30h a.m. to 9.00h p.m.

Additional to our menu that you can see here below, we constantly offer a special menu of seasonal and thematic specialties. Our menu includes a selection of regional and international dishes.

Mistakes and changes can occure. Reference is the restaurants menu.

Original Hungarian goulash soup 5,70 €
Chili-Cocos-Bananasoup 4,70 €
Soup of the day 4,10 €
Cream of tomato soup with brandy 5,40 €
Delecious Starters
Baked French bread
with garlic-herbs-sauce or garlic mayonnaise (Aioli)
5,10 €
Stripes of smoked salmon
on crispy hash brown with horseradish-cream
10,80 €
Mixed salads from the buffet klein 4,60 €
groß 8,60 €
Beef, Pork, Turkey & Co.
2 filets of turkey
on mushroom-leek-vegetable with hollandaise sauce, broccoli and potato-croquettes
14,90 €
Involtini Toscana
Turkey roll filled with olives in thyme-tomatoe-sauce with ratatouille and rice
18,60 €
Stripes of chicken in sauce of cream and pesto rosso
with beans and tagliatelle
15,60 €
Steak of pork lumberjack style
with butter of herbs, champignons and onions, fried potatoes
15,20 €
Slow cooked beef
140g very tender meat in delicious onion-sauce, broccoli and white potatoes
17,80 €
Beef Stroganoff
Stripes of beef in a sauce of pickles, onions, cream and mustard with beans and rice
18,40 €
Special pot Landgasthof type
3 different small steaks with peas and carrots, champignons and fired potatoes
17,20 €
Burger Texas
with 150g beefsteak, hot sauce, salad and tomato french fries or twister
13,90 €
Burger Northsea
Fishburger, bacon, tomatoes, salad and fried egg french fries or twister
14,50 €
Mixed Grill - 2 persons
Rumpsteak, steaks of pork and turkey, baked bacon, sauce hollandaise, baked tomate, vegetables and french fries
35,30 €
Rumpsteak 180g 24,90 €
Rumpsteak 250g 32,40 €
Rumpsteak 300g 37,80 €
All steaks are served with butter of herbs
And you can choose boild potatoe, fried potatoes or french fries
Escalope Viennese type 8,60 €
Escalope with champignon sauce
with fresh champignons
10,60 €
Boiled Potatoe
in foil with herbs in quark/curd
4,80 €
Croquettes 2,50 €
Fried potatoes 2,80 €
French fries 2,20 €
Pommes Twister 2,50 €
Cauliflower 1,90 €
Pies and carrots 1,90 €
Fresh champignons 3,50 €
Beans 2,20 €
Boiled potatoes 2,20 €
Peper & corn 2,20 €
Onions 1,70 €
Butter of herbs 2,00 €
Hollandaise 2,30 €
Peppersauce 2,30 €
Broccoli 2,00 €
Salmon in lime-butter-sauce
with green pasta and salad
20,20 €
Filet of plaice in egg
with butter sauce, peas with stripes of ham and boiled potatoes
17,60 €
Fried plaice
with bacon, butter sauce, boiled potatoes and salad
28,00 €
Coalfish in buttermilk-dild-sauce
with broccoli and boiled potatoes
14,60 €
Matjesfillet houswifes type
with housewife’s sauce, fried potatoes and salad
16,80 €
Kiddies and seniors
Chicken escalope with peas and carrots and french fries
7,90 €
Spaghetti bolognaise
7,90 €
Miss Piggy
Small escalope viennese type with vegetables and french fries
8,90 €
A little bit of this, a little bit of that
Asparagus soup
with toast
5,20 €
Peper, green soja beans, onions, squash, tomatoes and sweet potatoes in curry sauce with ginger and coconut, rice
12,10 €
Chili sin carne
with kidney beans and corn in a hot tomato sauce and toast
12,20 €
with slighgtily hot tomato-sage-sauce
5,80 €
fried potatoes and onions scrambled with egg and pickle
7,70 €
Baked vegetable pan
with cranberrys and salad (vegan) additionally herbal sour-cream (vegetarian) + 2,- €
14,90 €
homemade patty, sauce of hot peper and cheese, tomato, onion and salad
8,90 €