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Our beautiful Schleswig-Holstein is always worth a visit. Experience tha Baltic Sea, the North Sea with high anfd low tide, the national park Wattenmeer, the islands and islets of the North Sea, the different countrysides and the history of Schleswig-Holstein.

The land between the seas is so versatile as almost no other area in Germany.

30 years ago the Landgasthof Tarp startet to provide a close look to the "Bridge to Scandinavia" to different groups of travellers from many different regions all over Europe with many different intentions. Whether experience or education vacation, you will be guided professional and welcome familiar. And all this at very cheap rates.

Here you get some examples of possible programs. Please notice, these are examples(!) only which shall be custumized to meet your intentions.

Weekend vacation

Arrival and check in Friday evening - followed by a welcome with welcome drink - 3-course dinner and dance evening

Saturday morning you start with a good breakfast (buffet) - afterwards you go on a trip to the north sea for an excursion by ship - and have an exciting stay in little Amsterdam - Friedrichstadt

back in Tarp in the afternoon you can either take a ride in our carriage or have some fun with a bowling session - the 3-course dinner is followed by another dance evening

Sunday morging you take a relaxing guided walk around Tarp after breakfast and take your way home after lunch

The second day is completely guided as well!

4 Day Adventure Nordsee

Arrival and check in - followed by a welcome with welcome drink

bowling afternoon and a ride in the carriage - 3-course dinner

After breakfast you go to Nordstrand and by boat to List on the isle Sylt where you take on a trip around the entire isle. After the sightseeing you leave the isle by train on the famous Hindenburgdamm. Back in Tarp to enjoy a 3-course dinner.

The third day starts again with a good breakfast at the buffet. Then you leave for Büsum and the trip by boat to Helgoland. See the in history always stratgic important isle far away from the coast. A little bit later in the evening have your dinner back Tarp.

Start the last day with breakfast before you leave.

Personal offer

Prices for the above named programs depend on travel date and group size.

You need a program for even 5, 6, 7 or more days? You are welcome to ask for it.

Other popular destinations are for example:
- Sightseeing Schleswig (the oldest city in nothern Europe shall include a visit of the cathedral)
- Education programs „Schwansen and its assets“, „Nord- or Südangeln and its churches“, “The Ochsenweg“
- Trip to Egestoft with its gardens (Danmark)
- Sightseeing Tondern (Danmark)
- Visit Vikingmuseum Haitabu
- Visit Wyk on the isle of Föhr
- Trip to Navy Memorial Laboe near Kiel

Looking for something special? We can surely help.