Rest, exercise, education...

Whatever you think your holidays shall be like, here are some proposals how to fulfill your thoughts.


Gottorp Castle with national Museum and archaeological museum
Gottorp Castle in the 16th century became a Renaissance palace. Now it is the largest castle in Schleswig-Holstein.

Take a close look at the Asgaard brewery (Schleswig-brewery). Asgaard is the divine beer of the Vikings

Holm with St.-Petri-Cathedral
Until 1935 an island in the Schlei is Schleswig's oldest borough mentioned at first in the 11th Century.

Excursions on the Schlei
Have a good time taking a ride on the "Schlei Princess" on the green arm of the Baltic Sea.

Viking Museum Haitabu near Schleswig
In the age of vikings Haithabu was one of the most important settlements in northern Europe.


Phänomenta offers its own world of experiences with all senses. Amazing scientific and technological phenomena are experienced directly.

Take a close look at the brewery where the "Plopp"-Beer comes from. Like we say: Das Flenst.

Harbour Museum and Shipyard
Port for traditional sailing vessels. See a shipyard with a distinctive wooden crane, where old ships are being built and restored in traditional manner.

Maritime museum
(in the old customs warehouse) see the 700-year tradition of seafaring and maritime trade

Large indoor playground


Glücksburg Castle
offers an interesting insight into the world of the royal houses of the Duchy of Schleswig-Holstein. Visit the "cradle of European royal houses."

The most beautiful garden of roses in the nothern area is located next to Glücksburg Castle

artefact Powerpark
You always wanted to know what the weight of a kilowatt is or how the energy of the sun gets into your socket...? Here you find the answers and many more.