Tradition in 4th generation

The Landgasthof Tarp was founded in 1915 as a hotel / restaurant. It arose from a farm and has always been run as a family business. Since the foundation - then a 1-storey building - the company has grown continuously. In 1956 a hall was built with a capacity of up to 800 people. At this time it was able to host nearly all inhabitans.

In the late '70 where stables had been before, were guest rooms built and another hall for up to 120 people. 1980 a bowling alley was built and in 1988 a new guest house was added, and finally in 1998 with the overhaul of the large hall, the company expanded with another meeting facilities for up to 50 people. Currently the rooms are gradually renovated to constantly meet the requirements of our guests. In 2009 the hotel was certified 2*+. Allthough in November/December 2010 we built up the first comfort rooms, which were a kind of luxury in this classification. And finally in November 2012 we have achieved a 3* classification.

The Hotel at all times has been a location for events of all celebrities. Konrad Adenauer e.g. has already held one of his first speeches as Chancellor here. Later he was followed by many other politicians. But also celebrities from film, radio and television have had successful performances. Even today the family Tiedge leads the historic company following the familiar traditions.